Enlightened Pictures is owned and operated by Daniel Gamburg who brings expertise both behind and in front of the camera, yielding truly vibrant creations.   His first feature film, IPO premiered at Slamdance and was purchased by Netflix and Green Cine. His first award winning short documentary Tsipa and Volf premiered on PBS, and was acquired by the National Australian Film Archive.  In addition to running Enlightened Pictures, Daniel is developing feature films and TV series with Benjamin Goldman at Musing Pictures.   Daniel recently produced and directed videos for The California Courts,  Serena Software, the Edward Thomas Collection, the NAACP, and a PSA for Guide Dogs for the Blind. He also teaches Acting On-Camera Workshops — and has taught film production and directing at the Academy of Art, San Francisco, New York Film Academy, and Pixar Animation Studios.

Daniel is originally from Riga, Latvia and speaks fluent Russian. imdb profile

“I love telling  beautiful stories about how things work and how we experience life around us. Being an innovator, a polymath is what I strive for. I want to know how an engineer propels a 6 million pound rocket to the moon, how a dog guides a blind person through traffic, how Democracy works, why we fight, and how we love.  I get to tell these great stories through amazing pictures and sounds, and I get to learn about them.  At the core of every film, be it a small documentary, a commercial, an industrial, a training video, or a short comedy, is a story. And I get to tell that story — I get to re-live that essential childhood experience where at age four I asked my father “why is the sky blue?” and with his answer my world came alive. That’s why I love my job.” — Daniel Gamburg | Writer | Producer | Director

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015