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The power of animation comes from its limitless ability to make complex ideas come to life which anyone can understand. Many assume that animation is too expensive to produce. A high-end commercial in the style of a Pixar movie can cost millions, but for companies with limited budgets there are many creative solutions that allow us to produce affordable animation with the help of technology and experience. From digital puppet shows to white board animations, and automated lip syncing, budgets can range from a few thousand dollars to much higher. In this article I will cover three advantages of using animation, and how they can help you to make an informed decision to use animation in your company video.

1. Animation can explain complex ideas
For example, one of our clients needed to explain how their company filters water for industrial use. We could film a scientist explaining how micro filtration, reverse osmosis, and sea water intrusion work, but these processes are complex, so we suggested using simple animation to visually explain each process.

Micro Filtration

Reverse Osmosis

Sea Water Intrusion

This animation approach can be used for explainer videos, commercials, company videos, and instructional videos. The Story of Stuff is a great example of one of the most popular explainer videos about how production and consumption patterns create pollution all over the world.

2. Animation can show a solution through an emotional story that both adults and kids can understand
For example, my collaborator Benjamin Goldman was tasked with making a video to get teenagers to participate in an entrepreneurial development program. Instead of adding to the hours of video the client already had where experts explained what it meant to have an entrepreneurial mindset, Benjamin focused on creating a quick, clear and entertaining animated “aha moment” that invited the viewer to learn more.


Different Solutions

Problem Solved

3. Animation is evergreen and international
If changes need to be made in the future it is much more cost effective to update the animation and voice over, rather than having to re-shoot the entire live program with a crew and actors. Animation also allows for much easier localization. You can re-record the voice in any language and make it speak to an audience anywhere in the world. In short, animation allows you to think in a much more expansive, out-of-the-box way to create memorable and fun videos within a specific budget that can be seen anywhere. Before you make the leap to animation check out all the different styles and see what fits best for your needs and budget. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Daniel at

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