Testimonial Interviews

We use an interrotron setup where the interviewer’s video image is projected right in front of the camera’s lens, like FaceTime.  The interviewee speaks to another human being rather than the lens, making for a much more natural-looking, personal-sounding interview.  For samples check out Well-Being, Employees That Care, or Drawn To Serve.

Daniel Gamburg

Working with Daniel

Confessions of a Combustion Engineer

Drawn To Serve

Award Winning Short Film

Meet and Greet

video production

Thompson Tee

Adrian Belic, filmmaker

Safety Mining Video

Mine Safety


Edward C. Little Water Recycling Tour Video

Employee Video

ETC Employee Orientation Documentary

LA Bag Brothers

Black Stuntmen’s Association Documentary

Tsipa and Volf

Integrated Pest Management for Schools

“Mercy Me” by Alkaline Trio


music video

“If I Had You” by David Babich

ETC Employee Orientation Video

Misha Gamburg Anniversary Vodeo

NTV “Semin” (Russian Investigative Crime Show)