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Since 2002, Enlightened Pictures has helped brands and organizations craft masterful and sophisticated films. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, California, we are a dedicated team that’s composed of the most passionate writers, cinematographers, sound engineers, makeup artists, and animators. Our goal is to create masterpieces that help you connect with your audience and bring light to your brand. 

Throughout the years, we’ve achieved so many milestones like having our short film featured by the New Yorker. However, nothing is more gratifying than our amazing relationships and experiences with our clients.

Thanks to their fantastic support, Enlightened Pictures made its debut on Clutch! Earlier this year, our team got started on the platform and earned three phenomenal reviews from our clients.

Clutch is a B2B rating and market research platform that showcases the work of the top IT, creative, development, and business services spaces. The site is known for its collection of data-driven reviews, agency rankings, and other insightful content.

A Five-Star Partner

It’s truly an honor for us to be rated highly for our work! We are beyond grateful for our five-star ratings, and the honest insights from our partners. Check out these phenomenal testimonials from our clients’ reviews!

“It’s really great how Enlightened Pictures Inc. brings a lot of fresh ideas to the table. I also appreciate how personable, thoughtful, and communicative they are. All of these things make them very easy to work with.” — Recruitment Manager, Government Agency

“We’re delighted with the final product; it drove more traffic to our site, and the video has gotten a lot of visits. It also served the intention of successfully promoting the program — we had a steady flow of applicants.” — Marketing Director, Crozier

“Throughout the project, Enlightened Pictures had a blend of creativity and practicality. They were super personable, and they met our budget and schedule requirements. Overall, working with them was great.” — Director of Special Exhibitions, California Science Center

Truly inspiring and heartwarming! Words cannot give justice to how grateful we are to our clients. Their trust and support fuel our passion, and we wouldn’t be a five-star company without them. Thank you so much to each and every one of our clients who chose us!

Aside from our Clutch vendor profile, you can also browse past projects of our team on Top Design Firms.

For additional context, Top Design Firms is a new B2B website that’s designed to guide potential clients through various industries around the world.

We’re excited to build a strong online presence, and we’re proud to have our clients’ by our side. Here’s to more great possibilities!

Looking for a team that’s passionate about your visions? Work with us at Enlightened Pictures! Get in touch today and let’s talk about what you have in mind.

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