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Video Samples for Department of Industrial Relations

ETC Hotel HR Employee
Recruitment Video

Hotel employees talk about the camaraderie, work ethic, and benefits of working for ETC hotels.

California Science Center
Re-Opening Video

A short tour and reopening video, explaining new safety procedures during the COVID-19 crises.

Juvenile Dependency
Orientation Video

A video that educates court users who are involved with juvenile dependency courts throughout California.

West Basin Water
Orientation Video

A fun and informative short video explaining how water is recycled for industrial use.

Redding Water Utility
“About Us” video

How Redding Water Utility treats and distributes water to the public in simple terms for children and the general public.

Guide Dogs for the Blind
“About US” video

A poignant testimonial about how guide dogs help the blind to navigate their world.

Southern California Counseling
“About US” video

An informative and inspiring short documentary about how a counseling center changed lives for the better.

Hotel Employee Benefits
White Board Animation Explainer

Hand drawn artwork on a white board explaining employee benefits.

City of Santa Ana Explainer Video

City of Santa Ana Planning Informational Videos

Daniel Gamburg

Working with our team

Eight Nights


The Nature Fix

The Nature Fix

County Of Shasta – What is HMIS?

Confessions of a Combustion Engineer

Fine Art Sample

Crozier Fine Arts

Drawn To Serve

Award Winning Short Film

Meet and Greet

video production

Thompson Tee

Safety Mining Video

Mine Safety

FreshPoint Testimonial


Edward C. Little Water Recycling Tour Video

Employee Video

ETC Employee Orientation Documentary

LA Bag Brothers


Los Angeles Department Of Mental Health PSA

Black Stuntmen’s Association Documentary

Tsipa and Volf

Integrated Pest Management for Schools

“Mercy Me” by Alkaline Trio


music video

“If I Had You” by David Babich

ETC Employee Orientation Video

Misha Gamburg Anniversary Film

NTV “Semin” (Russian Investigative Crime Show)

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